El pastor Dan Smith,  de la Iglesia Unida en Gallatin, Tennessee, suspendió su intervención, después que el niño de 15 meses de nacido hiciera ruido, por lo que fue duramente cuestionado.

El pastor comento: ” hola servidores ¿podrian mostrarle donde queda la guardería? no quiero luchar con un niño todo el tiempo, asi que por favor ayudenme”

El pastor Smith intento seguir con su intervención pero no pudo.

This video speaks for itselfMy daughter and her friend walked out of United Church in Gallatin today after she was pointed out and embarrassed in front of a congregation. The baby in question was 15 months old and just made a peep. Was not crying. As you can see for yourself in this video. How can this pastor call himself a man of God and treat a member of your congregation that way and dont care if anyone is offended. I don't know what is worse, the embarrassing of a member or the fact he did not care if he offended anyone. So sad in a society where we need to bring our young people to God and they are chased off because they have a young child. I'm sorry, but kids make some noise, And this wasn't a noise that was distracting. Now, if she was crying, I can see a problem. My daughter was pretty upset and disappointed because she was looking for a church and found this one to be of her liking. Sadly enough, she is back on her quest to find a church that she can feel at home in and raise her baby with the word of God.

Posted by Lori Kathrine Alger on Sunday, January 19, 2020